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Chief Product Officer at Cookening

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  • This is why : http://vimeo.com/34017777 “We get to go make things. Things that nudge the world a little bit in what we hope is the right direction. We get to put a dent in the universe. This is a great job.” — Wilson Minner
    Posted to Ask DN: Why are you a designer?
  • I use a MacBook Air 11" with 8GB RAM and I'm very happy with it. You might think that is not large enough, but in fact, that really cover my needs on the go (I mainly design on Sketch.app and write some front-end dev on Sublime Text). Of course, I plug it on a bigger screen when I'm...
    Posted to Ask DN: Which setup do you use?
  • Sketch is more suitable to UI design than Photoshop because it has been designed for. But Photoshop is not only about UI design and photographers, illustrators, graphic-designers use it. You can't do all that kind of things on Sketch.
    Posted to What's preventing Sketch from being a Photoshop killer?
  • Is there something I don't see ?
    Posted to Site Design: kanyewest.com
  • It's called Rotoscoping http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rotoscoping
    Posted to NBA Finals Animation by Richard Swarbrick