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  • Most likely. We changed servers.
    Posted to The Industry: So, hello again.
  • An avatar and font choice don't warrant "copy." Design is design. You choose the best route for the task at hand. We wanted legibility and character, so we went with a serif, specifically Tisa Pro (this can change, as per my last comment). As for the avatar, if you noticed from Dr...
    Posted to The Industry: So, hello again.
  • Hey folks! Glad to be back. Though the relaunch isn't a 1-day event. It's a rollout – things to add, things to tweak. So thanks for the feedback too :)
    Posted to The Industry: So, hello again.
  • One PSD, color coded folders for each page. I have certain colors for certain pages (home, about, contact, content, etc.)
    Posted to ASK DN: Do you create multiple PSD's for a site or keep all pages in one PSD?
  • LOL. Then just use 9:42 AM like Apple does --> http://www.redmondpie.com/heres-why-the-iphones-time-is-always-set-to-942-in-apple-ads/
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