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  • Still run the first version of my website: I was pretty stoked about this at the time, I remember. Cufon for fonts, wow such innovation.
    Posted to Show off your first design
  • It must be noted that physical keyboards are all uppercase even though you type almost always in lowercase. There has to be some reason for this, although I'm not sure what it is...
    Posted to Improving Shift key design on iOS 7 keyboard
  • Certainly will! We're still probably a couple months away from having marketing materials ready, but we will definitely be making a big push when v3 is released. Thanks for the support katie!
    Posted to Front-end framework choice
  • Hahah I love how this comment is at -1 points even though that doesn't seem possible for normal users. Good, it deserves it. "Not worth the money" is so absurd of a justification here. Just to continue hitting this same point over and over, you must understand that bohemian coding ...
    Posted to Sketch 3.0
  • They changed a huge amount. I just bought and downloaded it, and it is a massive update. There aren't a lot of shiny new features to flaunt, but almost everything about the interface has been fiddled with and improved, as well as a huge stream of stability increases and bugfixes. $50 for this...
    Posted to Sketch 3.0

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