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  • Personally, I'd like to see tighter integration with existing online identities (forums that allow pseudonyms/anonymity still have their place, but there are so many advantages to tying a user to their identity that any new platform should probably work around this), the ability for a user to...
    Posted to Ask DN: Reimagining forum software. What would you like to see?
  • I don't find that at all. Virtually all sites I regularly visit serve up 2x UI resources (if not photos, necessarily). Certainly when you hit the long tail of obscure blogs you'll find 2x resources served less often, but (almost!) any website with a design team behind it should have trans...
    Posted to Youtube Redesigned
  • Wha?! Are you talking solely about the very first 1997 site? Because everything post-'98 is incredible and wouldn't look at all out of place in 2014 (sixteen years later!).
    Posted to 15 years of Appleā€™s homepage
  • .
    Posted to Google, trollin'
  • What conversation should we be having? If we're crafting experiences to suit an intended/ideal userbase that doesn't match a service's real/general userbase... isn't that a real issue?
    Posted to Introducing Facebook Photos

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