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  • Last time I checked Tumblr's dev tools and deployment for custom code was pretty horrid. Jekyll (or any other static site generator) + Github pages gives you complete control and is totally free. That is legit.
    Posted to Ask DN: Why use static site generators?
  • I just tried and it does not work :/ I have my iPhone plugged in via USB and cannot connect unless wifi is on both MBP and iPhone (same network also). Edit - they are referring to the personal hotspot usb option like this - http://bomberstudios.com/post/54587126654/using-sketch-mirror-liveview...
    Posted to Sketch 3 supports USB mirroring by default?
  • This is such a great post. Great stuff Dan!
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  • Here's a nice overview - https://medium.com/p/4b92d8b25f3
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