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  • What the web can do to make this world a better place? How did the web improve your life( if it did)? Alexander says : " Thanks to the web I found my future wife ☺ Surely for me the main function of the web is communication with people, it helps to know more and more new interesting persona...
    Posted to UI / UX Design Interviews – Alexander Zaytsev
  • The “design” is an important part of our analogic life. What is the role of the designer in our digital life? Nicola says : " I think you can design everything you want for yourself, for other people and for nothing. Digital or not, better if you try to solve something with your design, a b...
    Posted to UI / UX Design Interviews - Nicola Felasquez Felaco
  • When your friends or parents ask to you what job do you do, how do you answer? Regina says: “I design the stuff you use everyday — apps and websites.”
    Posted to UI / UX Design Interviews - Regina Casaleggio
  • In which way do you make a difference between User Interface and User Experience? Ianut : Obviously, User Experience it’s much more complex than User Interface. User Experience has elements like research, u tests, stats, product design, interaction design, usability, prototyping, copywriting, etc.
    Posted to UI / UX Design Interviews - Ionut Zamfir
  • About dribbble Glenn says : "It’s a great collage of inspiration and also doubles as a career game. It’s the best way of seeing what designers are working on, how they’re innovating and (sometimes) why. Others use it as a means to further their careers; using trends, unsolicited redesigns, ...
    Posted to Talking with Glenn Hitchcock, Senior UI Designer at Fueled

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