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  • I guess a lot of it depends on your workflow. For me, I like to prune my collection of fonts, getting rid of the ones I don't use, so I only maintain a small number. For my needs, Apple's Fontbook does the trick. I also have purchased Bohemian Coding's Fonts. I love the look and feel ...
    Posted to Ask DN: Which font manager do you use?
  • Not sure I follow exactly what you're looking for, but Sketch has some pretty decent vector manipulation tools, including the ability to drag and position individual points:
    Posted to Sketch 3.0
  • The interface design is amateur at best. I expected more from an app that supposedly caters to ‘professional’ designers. I quite like the interface. They decided to stick with a lot of simple, native UI elements as well as Apple-recommended and styled toolbar icons. This makes the app immediat...
    Posted to Sketch 3.0
  • The cursor switches to a double-ended arrow when you hover on the label
    Posted to Sketch 3.0
  • Would love to see this :)
    Posted to Origami 1.2 Released

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