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  • Check out the app Connor. It's been a very deliberate and careful process to get to where we are. Would be happy to answer any questions. I will say that for our users it has been a smooth and welcome transition, but I understand that there might be some confusion about how the product and co...
    Posted to New app: Days - Your Visual Photo and GIF Diary by Wander View
  • the point was the the specific application of a style to solve a specific problem — that decision — is what is ownable. So to apply that idea to this situation would mean that a company that offers a somewhat similar product to a similar audience uses a similar style. Implicit in the idea of good...
    Posted to LayerVault. What's up with the DMCA?
  • I like the idea of rewarding constructive feedback, but overall I think Dribbble serves a much broader purpose than feedback. My take here:
    Posted to Dribbble and how YOU are ruining it
  • But one of the raddest games on the iPhone. Good case for great product design trumping aesthetics.
    Posted to Ugly A$$ iOS Game, Spaceteam
  • haha. Done
    Posted to Sweet Textures, Bro