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  • I think the 'popularity contest' vibe of the site I think pushes popular stuff to the top, most of which is pretty copycatish.
    Posted to Ask DN: What do you think about Dribbble these days?
  • It really helps if you're explaining the products to people who are unfamiliar with it in the first place (eg new customers). Helps you to explain it in a non-technical way, without using jargon that someone whose head's been in the product for decades might not even realise isn't fam...
    Posted to Designing for products you don't use.
  • Am I missing something? I just get a blank page with a logo in the top corner and a space for email address. I entered my email address (and immediately thought 'that probably wasn't smart!') but the email has no more information either. Using Chrome on mac.
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  • Someone on the original thread wrote, "understand that this has happened because our sexist industry does not value human skills (what it calls "soft" skills) as much as the ability to generate algorithms in code, part of its systematic devaluation of tasks typically performed by w...
    Posted to Google acquhires this designer cofounder's company, but the designer was left out of the deal.
  • Agreed!
    Posted to Juicicons - Over 200 Free Icons!