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  • And this is news... why?
    Posted to Stripe Redesign
  • I'm not speaking from a freelancers perspective and the work should always speak for itself, no matter if you're at an agency, start-up, big company or freelancing.
    Posted to Homemade portfolio or hosted service?
  • I'd say write it yourself if you know how to. Twitter Bootstrap is an overkill for one page.
    Posted to Ask DN: To Bootstrap or Not to Bootstrap?
  • This: "innate pressure to have to do everything at once (and be amazing at it)" is a little thing called passion and ambition. I don't really get your point either.
    Posted to Superman, You Are Not
  • I couldn't disagree more. Especially when you're doing design for more than a few years you need to have a portfolio you've designed and preferably coded yourself. Choosing for services like Cargo and Squarespace feels like an easy way out. Show that you've got the skills to make...
    Posted to Homemade portfolio or hosted service?