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  • So if landing page converts visitors to customers but looks ugly it means that it still can be good? If the company is not design focused it could be good as long as it shares the company message correctly and the product benefits and features. So it is not only about converting. You could lie...
    Posted to What is good landing page?
  • When most companies solve a problem these days, they're solving one that's already been solved but making it prettier and nicer. Not only nicer but more targeted. Here's where branding come into play. Let's imagine two fitness apps with the same functionality but one branded f...
    Posted to Tired of "beautiful" design?
  • The UI that Bootstrap provides might be shallow, but we all still use buttons, navs, and forms. I would add that Bootstrap's soul is also the well documented markup for those standardised UI elements. anyone else deploying Bootstrap with is default theme should be publicly whipped. I agre...
    Posted to Please stop using Twitter Bootstrap
  • First at all, thanks Evan and Jake for referring to Strapfork. I promise I won't disappoint you. About the post: taking a look to expo.getbootstrap.com I couldn't recognise bootstrap in most of the designs.
    Posted to Please stop using Twitter Bootstrap
  • Hey there. I have a strong opinion on this and that's why I'm building http://strapfork.com , a visual editor for customising Bootstrap. I've customised Bootstrap in the last 4 projects I've been involved. I've to say that it is more maintainable than any css I've written...
    Posted to Ask DN: The Front-End Framework Debate...Are There Statistics?

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