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  • Hi Bilal, I will tell you a shortened form of my story. I was artistic and creative during high school–invested in my art for 4 years but was encouraged to go to business school and had no idea one could pursue an artistic /design career. My parents encouraged me to go to business school. I...
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  • This might be the most inspiring thing I have read in a while.
    Posted to The Importance of Being Ruthless
  • This is so CRINGEWORTHY. This is one of the first things I ever "designed" about 11 years ago with a pirated copy of Photoshop (a website made from slices). It was a halal cookie site for a friend. You should have seen the product page. You could click on each of the cookies to purchas...
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  • A new long form blogging service that removes your content a week after its posted.
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  • What are the others?
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