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  • First, I want to say how absolutely sad to hear that Brendan Eich stepped down. I guess this counts as some kind of “victory,” but it doesn’t feel like it. We never expected this to get as big as it has and we never expected that Brendan wouldn’t make a simple statement. I met with Brendan and a...
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  • Claimed - thanks man. It's a very well polished app.
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  • I think it's more of an outlet for bugs and for designers to relate to, rather than a pisstake of their software. I've experienced the same bugs and find it funny, but still enjoy designing in Sketch.
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  • There are more cultures than the one(s) you subscribe to. Something you find inoffensive might be so to someone from halfway around the world. It was sensible for them to react in this manner after being made aware. This app is for the whole design community, not just one in particular.
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