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  • Hype Machine player for Mac. I designed some concepts a couple of years ago because I wasn't a huge fan of going back into their web interface every time I wanted to skip a song. Random dev asked me for the psd to see what he could do, he made it work, then it sno...
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  • Yeah, this. It's been a channel since DN started.
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  • ~520px of vertical space before you get to the first tweet in someone's profile is a strange design decision. Especially when most photos/backgrounds are never great.
    Posted to Get the new Twitter profiles
  • First, I want to say how absolutely sad to hear that Brendan Eich stepped down. I guess this counts as some kind of “victory,” but it doesn’t feel like it. We never expected this to get as big as it has and we never expected that Brendan wouldn’t make a simple statement. I met with Brendan and a...
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  • Claimed - thanks man. It's a very well polished app.
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