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  • No, that photo was a poor decision in hindsight. We really just wanted to highlight the location of the photo, but whatever. Lesson learned. You can check out some screens Here.
    Posted to Ask DN: Expose your side-projects
  • Currently starting our first product over at Shogun Theory called Lotus. Its an app for iPhone that helps coach you into being more efficient and balances out your day to day stress load. Also Battlefield.
    Posted to Ask DN: Expose your side-projects
  • That's super interesting. Where do you work? Is there somewhere I could learn more about that?
    Posted to Designer Duds
  • I totally forgot about those. Fun fact: Frank Abagnale had a hand in the development of these.
    Posted to Ask DN: Favorite Pens for note taking and/or long-form writing
  • Switching to Google Drive personally. I don't find condoleezza's ties to the war in Iraq trivial by any means, but it doesn't directly result in google business. I am more worried about her ties and opinion on gov't monitoring civilians w/o warrants. I can't knowingly save m...
    Posted to Who is moving away from Dropbox? Where are you planning on putting your data?